About us

Shandong Shine Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. 

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          we focus on the research and development and production of electrolytic water technology,the core products are hypochlorous acid genrator,sodium hypochlorite generator,atomizing disinfection machine, atomizing robot,ultraviolet disinfection machine,ozone disinfectionmachine and other disinfection production line related equipment.it is a global manufacturer in more than 20 countries


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                                                     The Vision of Shine:       Create a healthy world together                                                                                    

      The mission of Shine:       Become the best in the sterilization equipment industry.

Operation Philosophy

The purpose of Shine:    Never forget why we started, make perfect products.

  The value of Shine:         Gain customers' trusts with quality and service.         

                         The concept of Shine:      integrity, love, strictness, beauty.                                                      

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