Disinfection System for Livestock Farming

2022/08/31 17:08

Hygiene status of livestock farming

With the continuous improvement of the scale of livestock and poultry breeding, the centralized production and random stacking of livestock and poultry manure and urine have made the environmental pollution problem caused by livestock and poultry breeding more and more serious. The main source of agricultural pollution is livestock and poultry breeding, especially the treatment of breeding odor has become the most concerned problem for business owners.

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Dirty and messy environment in breeding pens

In summer, the high temperature in the barn will cause listlessness, loss of appetite, reduced milking, weight gain, emergency slaughter and many other problems.

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High temperature in summer cowshed


The development direction and trend of livstock is to use less chemicals and achieve green farming. It is necessary to take a complete disinfection program to control the generation and spread of the virus. A complete sterilization plan means that the execution of each sterilization link is in place, and efficient, safe, and drug-free sterilization products are used.

1. Scheme diagram

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2. SHC hypochlorous acid generator system can replace all sanitizers in the livestock farming.

1661225967869639.png Disinfection of drinking water in livestock farming

Livestock and poultry have very high water quality requirements, and farmers are also aware of the importance of water to the health of livestock and poultry, but they often ignore the issue of drinking water hygiene. If drinking water is not disinfected in time, it is easy to turn the closed drinking water system into a container for supplying bacteria, which will cause health hazards to livestock and poultry after drinking.

Using Shine hypochlorite solution can quickly kill pathogenic bacteria in drinking water of livestock and poultry, remove biofilm, make the total number of bacteria in water and coliform group 0, effectively eliminate animal diseases, reduce the use of antibiotics, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, but also improve the digestive system of animals, promote drinking water, eating, reduce the ratio of feed to meat. 

Recommended dosing concentration: 3-5ppm

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Chicken house drinking water disinfection

1661477053648414.png Disinfection, deodorization and cooling in the pen house

Using Shine hypochlorite solution to disinfect the shed and surrounding environment can effectively kill pathogenic bacteria on the surface of objects and in the air to prevent infection.  Can take the living body spray disinfection, does not produce any harm to livestock and poultry, at the same time the solution has a significant effect on deodorization. 

Hypochlorous acid can quickly decompose odor molecules produced by pig houses through oxidation. Using hypochlorous acid water with a concentration of 100ppm to spray it on the manure ditch and the rear end of the fan mouth can effectively deodorize and sterilize.

After using the SHINE spray cooling system, the appetite that has been greatly reduced in summer has been restored, and the summer troubles and poor physical condition caused by loss of appetite have also been improved. As a result, both milk output and body weight are increased. In addition, by improving the physical condition, the pregnancy rate in summer and autumn can also be restored, which in turn contributes to stable operation throughout the year.

Recommended dosing concentration: 100-200ppm

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Atomization disinfection, deodorization and cooling of cowshed

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Atomizing hypochlorous acid at the rear end of the fan

1661477121494158.png  Reclaimed water reuse system

The reclaimed water reuse system purifies, disinfects and sterilizes the raw water, effectively removes impurities and particulate matter in the raw water, and kills viruses and bacteria such as African swine fever and Escherichia coli.

The treated water is transported to the aquaculture buildings and used as deodorizing water, cleaning water, etc. through the constant pressure water supply system and pipeline.

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1661476501463458.png  Disinfection of personnel, vehicles and tools:

The Shine hypochlorite solution is used for washing hands and washing boots for the staff, and can also be used for the disinfection of vehicles and all kinds of production tools, quickly and effectively kill all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms, no irritation to the skin, no corrosion to vehicles and equipment. 

Recommended dosing concentration: 100-200ppm

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Vehicle disinfection

Livestock disinfection and deodorization vedio

4. Recommend model SHC-300

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Products Parameter:

Concentration PPM3-500ppm
Available chlorine concentration3-500mg/L
Power requirementsAC220V 50Hz
Current setting value0.1-2.2A
Electrolytedilute HCL
Water inlet pressure0.15Mpa---0.25Mpa
Electrolyzer life6000 hours

3. Our Factory:

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Aerial view of the factory