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Shine's 6 Major Franchise Advantages

1. Technical advantages

Independent R&D, mastering the core technology; Shine has been deeply engaged in technology research and development for more than 20 years, and has mastered the core technology and patents of products; using intelligent Internet of Things technology, equipment management is intelligent, informatization, visualization, and brings a good management experience to franchisees.

2. Products advantages

Products diversification, real-time catering to market demand and continuous innovation to help market development.

Shine products are produced in strict accordance with national regulations and standards, and the quality is reliable and stable! The product model is complete, and the upgrade and update are fast, which can cover different industries and user needs, help market development, and support agent customization.

3. Cost advantages

Self-produced and sold, source manufacturers.

Follow up its own market development capabilities, and the investment can be large or small; own factories, self-production and sales, worry-free after-sales; complete licenses, Legally secure.

4. Investment advantages

Disinfection products have a good market prospect .

The front-end disease prevention of big health, it is the focus of the big health field, and the development prospects are promising; no matter whether it is sold or rented, service fees can be charged every year. Flexible sales.

5. Policy advantages

Market support, performance incentives

The company provides professional training and market support, provides advanced marketing tools and market information, and guides franchisees to develop the market. The company follows up the performance of the franchised agents and provides more favorable delivery prices.

6. Global layout

The products have been sold to more than 20 foreign countries, grasp the global development trend, and regularly organize domestic and foreign agents to discuss market development together.

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