Chronic otitis externa is a kind of epithelial inflammation of the external ear canal, which belongs to a common animal disease. Among them, the incidence of the disease in dogs is more than 20%, especially the lop-eared breed is more prone to the disease. The main symptoms are ear pruritus,
2023/09/21 13:57
    Excessive bacteria is one of the main factors affecting food safety, almost all enterprises have taken strict control measures,designated standardized technological process and disinfection system,including all equipment,storage area,processing area,air system and water storage container
2023/02/15 14:20
Strong alkaline electrolytic water has no carbon oil, natural rust prevention function, is a good environmental cleaning liquid, not only decontamination, oil removal, fast speed, but also on the surface of metal parts rust prevention effect, clean water after simple oil and water separation, reach
2023/04/12 14:47
1. Kitchen: Kitchenware, Cookware, Vegetables and Fruits etc.2. Object surfaces : door handles, window handles, countertops, tables and chairs, handrails, faucets, outer walls of tea buckets, elevator handrails, elevator buttons, secondary water supply equipment and facilities, etc.3. Air
2022/10/21 16:19
Advantage:* Safe:In definitely compliance with the countrywide requirements from , .* Efficient:1) Sterilization rate 99.99%;2) Sterilization time: inside 1minute.* Environmently Friendly:1) The pH value is between 5-6.5, it is barely acidic, colorless, non-irritating, non-toxic, safe, innocent and
2022/10/21 15:50
SHC -100S hypochlorous acid generator makes use of salt and water electrolysis to produce hypochlorous acid inventory solution. The tools has the blessings of exact steadiness ,safety and environmental protection,simple operation,long carrier existence and low strolling cost.The hypochlorous acid
2022/10/21 15:36
With the outbreak of the epidemic, hotel personnel in and out of frequent, easy to carry a large number of bacteria,if the room is not well ventilated, easy to breeding bacteria and odor, the  hotel uses traditional fragrance products or air freshener,can only temporarily cover the smell,can not
2022/04/26 14:34
Elimination of hypochlorous acid in educationSince most of the educational institutions are mainly minors,the disinfection products needed are generally non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin and with strong sterilization effectThrough many expert studies and tests, hypochlorous acid a miraculous on
2022/04/25 14:55
Sterilization, disinfection and deodorization for any pension institutions are headaches, old people under the immunity, is typical of the vulnerable groups, do not pay attention to a little, can sicken, such as influenza, infectious diseases, etc., so some pension agency staff always in sweeping
2022/04/24 15:43
Q: Where can I get HOCl?A: You can buy bottled HOCl or buy a generator to produce your own as required. Bottled solutions are said to be less effective than freshly generated solutions and require a longer kill time than freshly generated solutions. There are 2 categories of onsite generators:1. 
2022/02/21 14:13
After fruit and vegetable picking, the tissue metabolism is vigorous,which is easy to lose water,brown and rot,and can not withstand storage at normal temperature,Moreover,many microorganisms that accelerate the freshness decline and quality deterioration of fruits and vegetables,and the growth and
2023/03/29 14:08
In recent years, hypochlorous acid water ice has gradually become a new non-thermal sterilization and fresh-keeping technology. This technology not only has the low-temperature advantage of ordinary ice, but also combines the characteristics of hypochlorous acid water with quick, broad-spectrum
2022/03/31 15:36