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2022/08/19 09:24

Swimming Pool Disinfection Status

Every year, there are a number of natatorium due to poor disinfection, resulting in the spread of diseases, a large number of swimmers skin allergies and mass poisoning events occur repeatedly, causing great harm to the health of swimmers and even life-threatening, but also caused huge economic losses to the natatorium irreparable reputation loss.


At present, the disinfection methods used by natatorium include ultraviolet ray, ozone, copper sulfate and sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, etc., but these disinfection methods can not solve the current problem well, they can not completely remove biofilm and algae. However, in order to meet the standards of the industry or regulatory authorities, enterprises are forced to use a large number of bactericidal drugs, which is easy to cause the problem of excessive chlorine, potentially harmful to the health of swimmers, such as itchy skin, dry hair, red eyes and so on. With the increase of people's health awareness, swimmers are increasingly aware of the seriousness of this injury, and they are more willing to pursue a clean environment and safe and high standard of water quality.

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1. Scheme diagram

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2. Water cycle disinfection:

1661225967869639.png    The SHC hypochlorous acid generator is on-site and on-demand , can be directly added to the swimming pool water 

     circulation system without dilution.


1661232185249948.png     Hypochlorous acid is non-irritating to eyes and skin, it will not cause the swimmer's skin itching, hair astringency, red eyes

     and other discomforts.

1661232405684931.png     Hypochlorous acid is oral non-toxicinhalation non-toxic,  and is safe if swallowed.

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3. Remove biofilm, algae

1661234715198771.png     Hypochlorous acid inactivates microbial pathogens by disrupting their cell walls and destroying their internal proteins, 

      lipids and DNA.


1661234766184098.png     Hypochlorous acid can kill all known viruses and bacteria with an effective rate of 99.99%.

 1661234818898383.png    Hypochlorous acid has an oxidizing effect on organic matter, which can completely remove the slippery biofilm in the 

      pipeline and on the pool wall and the algae on the pool wall, inhibiting them from no longer growing, which is better 

              than the industry standard and keeps the water clear and the air fresh.

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4. Recommend model SHC-300

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Products Parameter:

Concentration PPM3-500ppm
Available chlorine concentration3-500mg/L
Power requirementsAC220V 50Hz
Current setting value0.1-2.2A
Electrolytedilute HCL
Water inlet pressure0.15Mpa---0.25Mpa
Electrolyzer life6000 hours

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