Recently, a Portuguese customer was very satisfied with the installation and operation of our factory's Sodium Hypochlorite Generator and sent back photos for display.The effective chlorine production of this equipment is 5KG, with an effective chlorine concentration of 6000-8000PPM, used in urban
2024/04/26 14:14
Due to the expansion of our company's sales scale of sodium hypochlorite generators, in order to meet production needs, we have added two production workshops for sodium hypochlorite generators, covering an area of 11000 square meters. They can produce effective chlorine concentrations of 3000-
2024/01/23 09:17
The peak season for purchasing sodium hypochlorite generators has arrived. According to customer needs, they will be installed, debugged, and loaded overnight before being shipped to the port. This equipment has an effective chlorine concentration of 8000PPM and an effective chlorine production
2024/01/09 08:53
On October 9th, a set of sodium hypochlorite generator with an effective chlorine concentration of 0.4% was installed and will be shipped to Indonesia next week. The hourly effective chlorine output of this machine is 500g, and the adjustable range of effective chlorine concentration is 0.3% -0.5
2023/10/09 10:43
Sodium hypochlorite can be used for sterilization and has a significant decolorization effect. Adding 1 kilogram of sodium hypochlorite to a ton of water can significantly eliminate the color of wastewater. In many scenarios, sodium hypochlorite and decolorization flocculants are used to clarify
2024/01/04 08:51
On October 8th, a large sodium hypochlorite generator skid mounted equipment with an effective chlorine concentration of 0.8% was being installed and debugged, and is expected to be shipped to the Republic of South Africa next week. The effective chlorine output of this equipment is 3KG, consisting
2023/10/08 14:27
When sodium hypochlorite comes into contact with water, it hydrolyzes to form hypochlorite and hypochlorite ions. Among them, hypochlorite has strong oxidizing properties and can destroy the protein and other enzyme systems of bacteria (viruses), thereby killing pathogenic microorganisms.
2023/12/29 10:23
On September 3rd, a set of sodium hypochlorite generator with an effective chlorine concentration of 120g/L was installed and shipped to the capital of Yemen, Sana'a. This product is a large-scale pry mounted equipment, safe and environmentally friendly.Our company can produce various types of
2023/09/04 09:59
        On August 21st, two SHINE sodium hypochlorite generators (3kg/h) have been basically assembled and have been debugged today. The skidded products will be shipped to Yunnan Ruili Water Plant this week.        The raw materials of the sodium hypochlorite generator are easy to purchase, the
2023/08/21 13:44
SHINE grand launched independent research and development of new equipment, hotel special hypochlorous acid generator, combined with electrolytic water technology and microcomputer control technology, to achieve fully automated operation, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, to solve the problem of
2023/08/03 15:09
Pool water disinfection is a very important problem,if not solved,the pool is likely to become a place to spread disease. Swimming pool water temperature is appropriate,typhoid,hepatitis,acute conjunctivitis,pus and other pathogenic bacteria growth environment,Hepatitis viruses and encephalitis are
2023/08/01 16:35
On July 24,SHINE hypochlorous acid generator (3T/H) was installed indepently by the customer.The hypochlorous acid generator generator is highly integrated,mainly divided into three modules,pretreatment module,purified water module,electrolytic module,installed and debugged yesterday,stable
2023/07/28 16:27