Application of hypochlorous acid in agricultural planting field

2023/04/04 14:36

Crop diseases and insect pests are one of the important constraints to the sustainable development of agricultural production.In order to control the occurrence of diswases and insect pest and ensure the stable development of agricultural production,the use of chemical synthetic pesticides is constantly increasing,However,the massive use of chemical pesticides in the control of diseases and insect pests also causes a series of problems correspondingly,among which the most important is to cause serious environmental problems.Especially the pollution of water resources has seriously threatened the health of human veings and the natural environment on which they live for a long time, Therefore, many people have been making unremitting efforts to find effective ways to control the occurrence of diseases and pests without causing serious harm to the environment

Hypochlorous acid generator

  • Adjust the ph of soil and improve the soil 

The use of lime and sulfur powdr to adjust the soil Ph can also play a role,but it will also cause secondary pollution of the environment,in addition,the cost of transformation is relatively high,long-term use will also cause the decline of soil quality,hypochlorous acid water to adjust the alkaline soil,alkali water to adjust the acid soil method is better,in addition to effectively correct the soil ph environment,The most important thing is that there will be no residue, the cost is extremely low,and the operation is extremely concenient.The use of hypochlorous acid water can also kill part od the bacteria in the soil,create a micro current environment for the soil,and greatly reduce the base of bacteria 

  • Promote seed germination and seedling growth

For plant seed soaking,can improve germination rate,after soaking plant seed germination rate increased by 60%, and young strong,healthy,high survival rate,Therefore,it can increase the yield and improve the quality obviously in the production of sprouts and box leaf vegetables

  • Instead of chemical pesticides,used for crop sterilization and insect repellen

As strong acid water has a rapid lethal effect on various plant diseases and insect pests,it is very suitable to replace chemical pesticides,Moreover,its sterilization is efficient instantaneous,safe to use,no chemical residues,and it has a wide range of applications,Unlike chemical disinfectants,it only works on specific objects.The killing time of bacillus is 3-5 minutes,which can be used in crop cultivation to reduce the use od pesticides or even no pesticides to a certain extent. It should be noted that hypochlorous acid must be in contact with bacteria to kill bacteria to kill bacteria,and most plant diseases have gone deep into tissuse once they occur,so spraying hypochlorous acid cannot kull pathogens inside tissues,Therefore,The main purpose of spraying hypochlorous acid is prevention,but the experimental results also show that spraying hypochlorous acid can increase the activity od plants,and enhance the resistance of plants to diseases and pests, and reduce the occurrence of diseases and pests,and reduce the occurrence of diseases and pests. Have insect repllent effect to the moth,hypochlorous acid water,although has strong acid,but without any damage to the crops , in additon to spray once every 7 to 10days,also need to pay attention to some alcohol,it is relatively sensitive varieties,to carry out the principle for use of acid and alkali water exchange,usually can use after spraying hypochlorous acid water,interval of 30 to 60 minutes after caustic injection,so as to avoid harm to the soil

  • Strong alkali can enhance photosynthesis,promote crop germination and growth,fruit coloring, and increase sugar content

  • Mildew prevention and preservation treatment of agricultural and sideline products

Hypochlorous acid is used to remove the skin of fruits and vegetables and part of the pesticides and fertilizers that enter the inside of fruits and vegetables,kill the bacteria,fungi and pathogens that are difficult to deal with on the surface of fruits and vegetables,prolong the preservation time,and ensure the green and safe fruits and vegetables