10T/L Nacl Hypochlorous Acid Generator Large Equipment

10T/L Hypochlorous Acid Generator,using diaphragm electrolytic Nacl,Flow 10000L/H,Concentration 50-500PPM adjustable,Supporting pure water system,can adapt to various water quality



Electrolytic :Nacl


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Product Details

10T/L Hypochlorous Acid Generator,using diaphragm electrolysis Nacl,supporting pure water system,can be adapted to various water quality,aicd water and alkalian water effluent ratio can be customized according to 95:5 or 1:1 ,PH :5-6.5,can be applied to a variety of environmental disinfection

HOCL generator

Hypochlorous Acid Generator Product Parameter

Product Name
10L/H Hypochlorous Acid Generator Large Equipment
Flow rate10000L/H

Hypochlorous Acid Generator Product Advantage

  • SHINE Constant current power supply technology is used to improve the electrolytic conversion rate and the residual chloride ion concentration is very low

  • Independent research and development of electrolytic cell,life of up to 30000 hours,reliable operation of equipment,support 24 hours of operation

  • The equipment can achieve large flow,high concentration hypochlorous acid water production process,effective chlorine concentration up to 500PPM or more, Acceptable customization

  • Automatic operation of equipment,PLC microcomputer centralized control,all kinds of data online monitoring display support multi-language

  • Supporting pure water system,no diaphragm or diaphragm electrolysis,can be customized acid water and alkalian water effuent ratio,95:5or 1:1

Hypochlorous Acid Generator Application Scenarios

HOCL generator

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