Hypochlorous acid generators are used in livestock breeding

SHINE animal husbandry deodorizing hypochlorous acid generator is developed by SHINE Company according to the characteristics of farms,such as the hypochlorous acid generator can be used for farm deodorization,livestock drinking water,surface disinfection,etc.






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Product Details

SHINE has independently developed hypochlorous acid generators for animal husbandry.A combination of pretreatment, Ro reverse osmosis,electrolytic processes,and highly integrated systems,as    shown below. Hypochlorous acid has strong oxidation capacity, strong penetration,decomposition,polymerization,substitution,substitution and additon of odor molecules and other chemical reactions,can quickly penetrate the cell membrane,decompose odor molecules,wraken the combination bond in odor molecules,increase the instability of odor molecules,and promote odor molecules to change the original molecular structure,so as to achieve the effect of eliminating odor.

Hypochlorite generator deodorization

Product parameter





Includes pure water system

Maximum power of acid water:7200W

Maximum power of pure water:1800W

Inout voltage:380V/60Hz

Product advantage

1:Independently developed microcomputer chips,intelligent docking of various devices,internal procedures may be adusted according to customer requirements

2:Multi-language operation interface,esasy to understand 

3:Equipment installation is simple,you can instal the equipment by yourself only through online guidance

4:The operation is simple, the equipment is almost automatic production,saving labor costs

5:Source manufacturers,accept customization,OEM labeling etc.

Sope of application

1:Improve water quality to ensure clean and safe drinking water for animals

SHINE hypochlorous acid generator, the hypochlorous acid produced solves the disadvantages of great irritation to gastrointestimal mucosa,can purify water,improve the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water,eliminate cyanide,sulfide and other compounds in water,achieve rapid bactericidal effect,no residue,and will not cause harm to animal intestines

Pictures of livestock and poultry drinking water

2:Prevention of foot-and-mouth disease in cattle

For cattle with oral ulceration,hypochlorous acid disinfectant can be sprayed on the wound,and at the same time,different concentrations of hypochlorous acid can be sprayed for treatment of cattle drooling,tongue ulceration, nose ulceration,hoof ulceration,etc

Hypochlorite generators are used for disease prevention

3:Hypochlorous acid generator with ultrasonic atomizer for farm air disinfection, deodorization

Hypochlorous acid generator can be equipped with ultrasonic atomizer, used for farm air disinfection, purification of odor, odor elimination, cooling animals and so on

Hypochlorous acid generator with ultrasonic atomization

Hypochlorous acid generator is a research and development and production as one of the electrolytic water equipment manufacturers,product types are diverse,can be customized according to customer requirements,the current products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions in the world ,and in a number of countries to establish distributors

Hypochlorous acid generator

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