Hypochlorous acid generator for pet care

SHINE pet care hypochlorous acid generator is a hypochlorous acid generator developed by SHINE Company for pets.The hypochlorous acid can be used for disinfection of pet skin wound and dermatosis





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Product Details

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is a naturally occurring chemical in living organisms. When pathogens enter the human body,phagosomal vesicles in neutrophils will wrap the pathogens and release hypochlorous acid (HOCL) to kill them Because HOCL can be naturally produced in animals,it is the best choice for all animal care

Hypochlorous acid generators are used for pet disinfection

Product parameter

Model : SHC-300






Net weight:35kg

Gross weight:45kg


Packing size:480*450*1030mm


Product advantage

1:Effective against dry skin and rashes

Dry skin and rashes are probably the most common skin problems in pets. Dry skin in dogs, for example, is a common problem because dogs are more suceptible than other animals to problems such as seasonal allergies.HOCL is very effective in combating dry skin symptoms in dogs and can effectively deal with seasonal itchy skin symptoms

Hypochlorous acid is used in pet care

2:Can effectively deal with all kinds of infections

Animals are easily infected by harmful germs,and these infections can cause many problems,such as a yeast infection in gods that can casue redness,irritation,or itchiness in the skin,ears,or PAWS, using HOCL can effectively alleviate these problem without worrying about irritation or side effects

Hypochlorous acid is used to sterilize pets

3:Disinfection of pet ear or eye related diseases

Pet ear related diseases occur from time to time, including ear canal inflammation,ear itch mites,ear hematoma and so on.When it comes to treatment, most of the medications used for ear care in animals can cause ear irritation and tingling.HOCL is the ideal solution for safe ear care

Hypochlorous acid generator equipment

SHINE pet care hypochlorous acid generator equipment is developed by SHINE for pet characteristics,and the hypochlorous acid produced can be used for pet wound disinfection,skin disinfection,hair disinfection,etc.The products have been sold in 24 countries and regions,and have agents in many cuntries. Welcome to consult

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