Select hypochlorous acid generator for precise solution of breeding deodorization

2023/03/23 14:04

Are you bothered by the smell of farming? it affects the growth of livestock and poultry,increases the prevalence of disease, takes poor deodorization effect, is frequently complained by surrounding residents,affects the corporate image, SHINE hypochlorous acid generator manufacturers to help you reduce cost and increase effciency

Hypochlorous acid generator

  • There are two main sources of ammonia

1,Ammonia emissions in the intestine,proteins,peptides,amino acids,or other nitrogens in chyme,which are degraded by ice clouds in the intestine or produced by deamination,in addition,the deamination of amio acids in various tissues in the body will also produce endogenous ammonia,part of which is absorbed by the intestine into the blood to form blood ammonia,and the other part is directly discharged with feces, in the air of the breeding house

2,Urea decomposition,farms every day a large number of urine,urea in the urine is degraded in the external environment produced by the play of ammonia, the higher the temperature,urea ammonia production faster,the greater the amount,the more odor,if the ventilation is better,emit more,the remaining ammonia in faces is degraded by some bacteria will produce ammonia

Hypochlorous acid generator

  • Five hazards of ammonia to breeding industr

In recent years,more and more attention has been paid to the harm of ammonia in domestic farms,especially in medium and large scale farms. it is understood that Europe requires the concentration of ammonia in farms to be controlled at 10PPM , and the United States requires it to be controlled at 15-20PPM (Our country pollution-free breeding GB18407.3 regulations,farm area<5mg/m,piggery<20mg/m)

1,animal growth,oxygen is the first major nutrition of the farm,water is the second largest nutrition,the third largest nutrition is feed.Ammonia will compete with oxygen,because it is easier to directly combine with hemoglobin, resulting in a reduction of hemoglobin binding oxygen,that is,high blood ammonia concentration,low blood oxygen concentration will directly affect the growth of energy ATP in mitochondria in cells,which will affect protein synthesis and normal metabolism in animals,and directly lead to slow growth of animals,Ammonia in blood and muscle tissue are toxic, need to consume a lot of glutamic acid and arginine to detoxify,directly affect the growth and development of intestinal is easy to cause fast shedding of mucosal epithelium,poor absorption ability of nutrients,and decreased integrity of mucosa and barrier resistance,Therefore,usually high ammonia concentration in pig houses will slow down the growth of pigs and increase intestinal diseases, in additon, the increase of blood ammonia concentration increases the detoxification load of liver and kidney,affects the normal function of liver and kidney,and affects the energy metabolism of brain tissue.The high blood ammonia concentration in brain will lead to the low efficiency of trieboic acid circulation in brain cells and the reduction of ATP production, in addition,a large amount of ATP will be consumed during blood ammonia detoxification,thus reducing the energy supply of brain cells,Loss of appetite or anorexia,mental malaise,hifh blood ammonia concentration,for a long time, can lead to pig coma,serious will lead to pig sudden death,affecting the sow pregnancy and delivery,high blood ammonia concentration will lead to the ammonia (alkaline) content in the uterus will increase,will destroy the acidic environment of the uterus,high blood ammonia concentration will affect the sow's conception rate

2,Inducing respiratory diseases,ammonia is easy to adsorb on moist eye mucosa and respiratory mucosa,and easily form NH4+(ammonium positive ion),which is alkaline and corrosive to a certain degree,The alkaline irritation of ammonia is very strong,and continuous irritation and injury to respiratory mucosa can cause repiratory distress and cough,edema,congestion and inflammation od eye conjunctiva and respiratory epithelium.Destroy the first and second defense barriers of respiratory system, induce atrophic rhinitis and cilia shedding,and decrease the resistance and immunity of pigs;Causing airborne bacteria and viruses to penetrate directly into the lungs

3,Decreased intestinal function, irritant ammonia in the intestine will lead to thickened intestinal wall,hinder the absorption of nutrients,and increase the Ph value in the intestine,making it easier for bacteria to grow and multiply and breeding various intestinal bacterial diseases

4,high ammonia concentration will cause low blood oxygen concentration,animall fetal growth and development is affected;in addition,newbron animals or elderly animals in the final stage of labor,that is,after the fetus will be starved of oxygen for a long time, resulting in stillbrith,the death rate is significantly increased. High blood ammonia concentration will interfere with brain nerve conduction,resulting in decreased feed intake and strong spirit of animals, High blood ammonia can also accelerate the growth and metabolism of mucosal cells, The detoxification process is also a high energy consumption process,which will cause the increase of oxygen and energy demand and affect the production performance of animals

Hypochlorous acid generator

  • How to solve the stink of livestock farms

Hypochlorous acid has a strong oxidation capacity, after contact with microorganisms, it can quickly destroy the cell membrabe of harmuful microorganisms,making proteins and DNA in cells unable to play their normal biochemical activities,resulting in the death of microorganisms and bactericidal effect, at the same time,hypochlorous acid can effectively decompose ammonia(NH3) and hydrogen sulfide(H2S) to achieve efficient deodorization effect, the effective chlorine to remove odor can reach 90%, the degradation rate of ammonia can reach 90%,and the hydrogen sulfide rate can reach 91%

Hypochlorous acid can be used to deodorize livestock and poultry,remove the odor in the ring,adhere to the use od or significantly reduced,the complaint rate is almost zero;Hypochlorous acid can effectively inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria and viruses,prevent and control the occurrence of major diseases in modern breeding, reduce the risk of disease of livestock and poultry,stabilize the microbial ecological balance in the pen,promote the healthy growth of livestock and poultry, increase the rate of livestock and poultry out, birth rate,reduce the occurrence of diseases and reduce mortality

SHINE Biological focus on livestock and poultry breeding deodorization solution,has been in many countries and regions at home and abroad have mature cases,through the spray system for periodic deodorization; the hypochlorous acid water produced by the hypochlorous acid generator can also be automatically added to the water curtain circulating water for deodorization